Women, BIPOC & Immigrant-owned businesses

Solutions Journalism Network

Solutions journalism is news about how communities and organizations are responding to social and environmental problems. The solutions stories in this collection describe the creative ways in which women, BIPOC, and immigrant business owners circumvent the systemic barriers that prevent them from accessing their full economic potential.  These barriers range from a lack of funding and investors, to reduced opportunities for mentorship and training, to increased difficulties finding buyers for their products in the supply chain. 

In Denver, Comal Heritage Food Incubator trains immigrant and refugee women to start their own businesses in the food industry. Pipeline Angels addresses the investment disparities between businesses owned by men and women by providing bias training for angel investors. Women-only gyms in Turkey provide a comfortable setting in which women may exercise, but they also serve as a resource for women to gain financial independence and entrepreneurial advice. An Oakland, CA program provides a monthly stipend to Black women that allows these historically-marginalized entrepreneurs to focus on how to pivot their companies in order to survive the pandemic.

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