Solutions Journalism Network

Solutions journalism is news about how communities and organizations are responding to social and environmental problems. This collection contains solutions stories about how microgrids are changing the lives of communities who previously have had to live without electricity. 

Microgrids rely on a combination of energy sources, ranging from biomass to wind to solar, that are localized in small communities to provide needed electricity; they are designed exclusively to meet local energy demands. Microgrids are also highly efficient because energy is not lost through transmission and distribution from distant places. And, they provide backup generation and energy storage to maximize the energy being produced.

From India to Nigeria, microgrids have brought clean electricity to new areas and are improving local economies. A startup in Bangladesh is even allowing villagers to sell extra electricity to one another. Many developed countries are also investing in microgrids as an alternative to their macro-grid systems. A microgrid project in California, for example, has lowered utility bills, provided cleaner energy and proven to be more resilient against natural disasters and power outages. 

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