Power To The People...And Their Food

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From documentaries like "What The Health" to the investigative works of journalist Michael Pollan, the need to analyze where our food is coming from – and how it gets to our table – can be a daily point of conversation. There is an increasing need to consider sustainable practices, and the long-term impacts created by farming.

Each of the stories (see below) highlight what is possible when a local community can take control of their farm and agriculturally viable lands. From starting a land-use revolution that aims to take back land that is agriculturally-viable, yet not being used, to creating organic gum that acts as a means of economic support for those collecting it, this collection examines sustainable practices from the eye of those on the ground and in the communities that need those practices the most. Even with a grassroots approach to agriculture, it's the small wins that help create the bigger solutions. 

This collection is featured in the Campus Ecochallenge

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