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Solutions journalism is news about how communities and organizations are responding to social and environmental problems. This collection contains solutions stories about various composting initiatives at different scales. One story details how Anchorage, Alaska implemented a simple system in which residents bring a bucket of scraps to a central location, and receive a bucket of compost in return. In another story, San Francisco has been able to divert 80% of waste from landfills by implementing a mandatory composting and recycling program. Many U.S. cities are introducing composting programs, in tandem with Pay-As-You-Throw policies, to reduce waste and divert food scraps from the landfill. In Paris, Les Alchimistes uses technology to transform the city's food waste into compost in a period of just two weeks - compared with 6-12 months in nature - which is then sold to local farmers. Social enterprise is also taking on Pakistan's waste problem, collecting organic waste, processing it and selling it as compost. 

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