Innovation in Action: COVID-19 - Re-purpose/Direct/Imagine

Greg Van Kirk

Social EntrepreneurU

New York, NY, USA

NPO/NGO/Social Enterprise

The Innovation Trimtab: RE- Purpose/Direct/Imagine

When confronted with the challenge of extreme limitation, avoid myopic thinking and look at what already exists through a new lens. See if you can break away from only viewing resources, skills, activities and/or approaches with the original intended purpose in mind. Try to repurpose a resource, redirect knowledge or a skill set and/or reimagine an activity or an approach to help you effectuate change. 

The Curated Collection:

In this curated collection we've selected 5 stories for you that demonstrate this Innovation Trimtab in action. 

We've  selected 3 stories that focus on containing/mitigating the spread of the Coronavirus. Read how women are redirecting sewing skills to make protective masks, how European countries are reimagining how to use smartphones for contact tracing, and how distillers are repurposing equipment to manufacture hand sanitizer. 

We've also selected 2 non-Covid 19 related stories from the SolutionsU database of 8,000+ stories that demonstrate how this Innovation Trimtab has been applied to create change. Learn about how organizations in refugee camps reimagine storytelling to treat trauma and how formerly incarcerated women are redirecting their entrepreneurial skills to create new economic opportunities for themselves.  

Your turn: During this especially challenging time, are there ways that you might be able to repurpose, redirect and/or reimagine for the benefit of your own family, colleagues, organization and/or community? 

This Innovation in Action curated collection is part of our special Covid 19 SolutionsU Pro series of resources. We hope you find this helpful. Be healthy and well.