Discover and Share Solutions Journalism

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Solutions stories travel well. Many cities, towns, states and nations face similar problems and can learn a lot from how others are tackling them. We have two ways you can share your solutions stories with other publications — and the world.

One is through our Solutions Story Tracker®, a curated database of thousands of solutions stories produced by journalists around the world. Anyone can submit links to published stories for consideration. What’s in it for journalists? Bigger audiences. More engagement. Not to mention so many story ideas.

Submit stories here. To learn more about how the Story Tracker works, go here.

We also launched the SoJo Exchange in 2020, as the global pandemic and calls for racial justice made it even more clear that we need to learn from one another's efforts to solve challenging problems. We wanted to get more eyes on good solutions stories and help struggling newsrooms by providing free, no-fuss copy. The Exchange makes it easy for newsrooms to share stories with one another. Newsrooms can offer their stories to the Exchange, allowing other outlets to republish them at no cost under a Creative Commons license. And any newsroom can run any of the stories listed on the Exchange website, as long as it gives appropriate credit to the newsroom that offered the story.